Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Like it or lump it

Como ajo y agua in Spanish, nothing to do with garlic or water, but often heard shouted by an irate mother in the village...

Or by me this morning...not at the kids, but just at myself.  I have morphed into useless woman.  Stan is away in the UK and is sorely missed...before you all go aaahhh, it's only because I cannot do the simplest of things without him.
Should the ceiling fall in, or the water burst it's  pipes, no problem.  Should one of the kids chop off a leg or an arm, there I am, calm as can be, ready with the iodine and plasters. Snakebite to the cat, squeezed many a pussed up pussy face....de nada.

But present me with a quilt and a cover and I am flummoxed. Foxed.  Banjaxed.  Just. can. not. do. it.

Likewise the blasted alarm, I can use the CD player on it but that's it, so mobile alarm it is, and if we're late then we're late.

Our sometimes- neighbour and very good friend Carole has a guest at her house this weekend, so I went to clean the dustballs, evict the LARGE spider, and make the bed.  Whilst inside the cover - I spent at least 10 minutes in there - I fiddled and smoothed, pushed edges in corners and emerged to find a completely different shape, like origami.  But Stan is not on hand for domestic duties this week, so I had to go in again and somehow got the bed to look averagely smooth - ish. Like it -or more likely- lump it.
So it's done, back to my own Dickensian squalor and the clothes mountain - how can 2 kids wear so many clothes? But, hey, the sun is shining so maybe a coffee on the terrace first, oh and there's my book and......zzzzzz.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Baking on a wet day...

Good Neighbours, Great friends..

We're not short of either here in Murtas....neighbour just knocked with a huge amount of Cherry Plum Tomatoes and Green Peppers freshly picked from his Huerta (vegetable garden).  They smell delicious, really, you guessed it, tomatoey.

Not the same neighbour who provides us with all our wine and broad beans, but the same one that regularly dishes out olive oil and olives..How lucky are we?!

Half the trick is fitting in, learning Spanish and integrating...it's easy, it's fun and it's a good deal more interesting than remaining a Guiri!
Stan of course has overdone it...he's off out canvassing with his election pals, knocking on doors and trying to drum up some support for PSOE and the elections on Sunday. It's pouring rain so he's gonna get very wet...

Whatever your leanings politically, it's important to show some opinion as a foreigner here in Spain.  Remember, if you show no interest you really don't have a leg of complaint to stand on!
And it shows you care about the area you live in, and it's future. 

It's easy to say you have no interest, but it reflects badly on you.. especially in a small village....

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Best days of your life?

Early morning time betwixt and between Josh catching the bus - this morning he missed it and Stan has begrudgingly driven him - and waking the she-monster....A cup of tea and a glance over the back page of our village cultural magazine Corazón de Murtas...we aim to produce 4 yearly and I have yet to load up the web version, later today maybe.

The back page of the latest issue had a piece by the kids in Isobel's class, about what they would like for the future.  The mini Hombres discussed the state of the roads, the Señoritas want some shops....apart from Isobel, whose wish list included a theatre, a cinema, a department store, a new playground, a music class, painting lessons, more languages.............so now you see why I never handed her the Argos catalogue at Christmas with the instruction:
Go on , make a list....
 Oh no.  The picture however told a story, a small handful of smiling kids, happy and oozing confidence, a far cry from our schooldays...At least from Primary School and the Sisters of No Mercy, where the education was fine but also where a twhack from the strap was the result of The Wrong Lunch, Too Pretty, The Wrong Answer, Writing With The Devil Hand, Falling off your Chair, or Big Ears.....anything that made you stand out was a good reason to humiliate or punish you, in my case the last three remain stand-out memories....I mean, look at my ears....!
A far cry from the Colegio Rural de Murtas today, where the only contact dispensed is likely to be a kiss or a hug, and the kids seem to laugh as much as they learn.  They're a cheeky lot, but funny, and confident, and are learning a  lot more than how to conjugate a verb!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hold that diet! Eating out in Mallorca..

Ever wondered about the food in Mallorca? Wonder no more! Have a read on this link and discover...you'll be full before you have finished the post!

Hold that diet! Eating out in Mallorca..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Near Nerja, discover Frigiliana!

Ever been here? If you find yourself on the eastern Costa Del Sol, have a wander up to this lovely white village , up a little from Nerja.

Near Nerja, discover Frigiliana!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well, this is it.  Time to say adios, au revoir, slán leat.....

Time for The Cull.

YOU know what I mean, that button we wish life had.
  • delete
  • unfriend
  • unfollow
Now, I'm a friendly gal, love to chat, socialize, meet interesting folk. Interesting to me. We're talkin' Twitter.

Mostly.  Facebook is people I want to add. Period. I do not wish to have 1 zillion 'friends'. Can't think of anything worse.
Twitter, I like to be followed, and reciprocally follow, folk that like wot I like...if I were to hashtag my likes they'd be
#gin  - did I mention that? -
#more free stuff ...did I mention I was a complete PR whore?

That brings me nicely to the fact that I really would rather not follow Debbie Does Dallas, strippers in Sydney, or self help groups from Sittingbourne - ditto luxury lifestyle accounts - as I have officially given up hope on that one - nor am I interested in making a million in just 1 week working from home....because neither did you or you would be off quaffing champagne on your yacht.

So, no offence caused I do hope....but that's it. The end of the road. There really is no future for us. Sorry. Please take back your ring.

*roadkill hat - check. Shotgun - check. I may see you later....

Friday, May 6, 2011

Going wild in Las Alpujarras, Granada

Going wild in Las Alpujarras, Granada

Lots of nice photos taken by Stan in and around Murtas on this post, click in and have a look!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Pure indulgence!

Each month brings a nice surprise for me....those nice people over at My Pure the No 1 company for natural, organic beauty products send me a little gift to review.  How lucky am I?!

I even get to choose what I want, so last month in a rare generous spirit I bestowed on 'im indoors, the Hairy One, some crystal deodorant from the brand Alva  - only because I am sick of him using my natural crystal rock from the same brand -  and also because he's not too keen on a deodorant without a scent.  Typical bloke, if he can't have a smell, he won't believe it's working?!?  He's also a bit of a big girls blouse when it comes to handmade natural soaps, so feeling extra generous I added this lovely trio (10.72 GBP for 3) of cleansing soaps to the order. And I can also use them, naturally....!

Soap here in Spain tends to be packed with nasties like sulphate and parabens, not something we would use, and the smell of natural oils combined with the knowledge that these bars are free of chemicals make them an instant winner with us.

Have a read of this from their site:

Designed to love your skin while leaving it soft, supple and gently fragranced, these truly natural soaps combine extra virgin olive, coconut and organic palm oisl, to cleanse without disrupting your skin’s natural defences. Each soap features gentle yet potent natural agents. Manuka Oil has remarkable anti-bacterial qualities while Manuka Honey is naturally nourishing and moisturizing. Kumerahou (Gum Digger’s Soap) is mother nature’s cleanser, while Calendula soothes and calms.

The pack of three contains Kumerahou & Cinnamon Soap 70g, Manuka Honey & Calendula Petal Soap 70g, Manuka Oil & Clay Soap 70g - I found the cinnamon a wee bit strong, more like a clove fragrance but my Testosterone Two liked it, guess it has a blokey scent...
Downside? Just that they didn't really last very long, because of the natural oils, they disappeared quite quickly, but I guess that's a good reason to re order!

The deodorant was a smash hit, a pump action dispenser, no sprays to choke us with, a clear clean alcohol free product with comfrey and witch hazel, packaged in a neat glass bottle, and smelling yum.  Better than his designer scent, actually...certainly better than his own natural smell....