Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A man of Murtas - Rosendo

A man of Murtas, sadly missed - 17th January 2012
Un hombre de Murtas - le echaremos de menos

Is your barrel half empty?

Despite it being noted this week that almost all of my posts contain reference to the Demon Drink - (Thanks David, love, Rach. x) you´ll just have to put up with another...

Bought a little grape crusher - not for inflicting pain on Stan  - and a barrel for making wine (from a local expat who has now absconded to sunnier climes and a better life - we wish him well.)....of course the wine never transpired, a dream of our own bodega.....that would involve work - and it languishes in our stable downstairs.

The stable is not for a horse, or even a mule - although the stray dog has taken up residence - and yesterday Stan heard some noise coming from there.

Opening the balcony doors he shouted down and out popped the head of a neighbour, followed by his body carrying the Barrel.

 - Just taking this - he shouted up.
 - Er - okay...for what? - asked Stan
 Neighbour makes his `Doh these guiris are really thick´ face
 - Well, it´s a wine Barrel
 - Uh huh
-Sooooooo - I want to put 20 litres of mine in it for you, a gift like.

 - oh - Cheers!

Reason # 1 million why we love it here ;)

A Fine Romance - Valentine's Day in Spain

A Fine Romance - Valentine's Day in Spain
What are you planning for Valentine´s day?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Will it? Or won't it?

Still waiting for the snow that was forecast - then the village will look like this...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Feeling Fit? Head for Jaca in Aragon

Feeling Fit? Head for Jaca in Aragon
Fancy a bit of fun in the snow ? A lively town near the slopes of the Pyrenees Mountains in the north of Spain - far from the costas but just as much fun! Click on the title for more!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sticking to my Gins

Well, that´s New Year over and done with, just Christmas all over again here in Spain for Three Kings still to come - the Spanish party gene is so strong!

So, New Year´s Eve we waited until 11:30pm to head out  - as we have learned from previous years the locals party late - and headed to the Bar first which was amazingly deserted...

-Beer? Asked Stan.
 - Nope G&T for me -( I had two...to use up my tonic of course...and a little tapas.)

Wishing Antonio Happy New Year we headed to the village Plaza and the tent for the Uvas y Cava just as the clock struck midnight.  This year the committee spent more on champagne and less on fireworks - ideal, no?
However, Cava does give me a horrendous hangover, if I mix it so when I was passed a glass I passed it on to Stan Spongepants and requested another G&T instead. Have a beer, he coaxed - No way I insisted - I am sticking to Gin and Tonic - absolutely no beer for me tonight..

Off he went to the makeshift Bar and an old man of about 120 leaning on a stick stood to attention :

-¿Que quieres? - (what do you want?)
-una cerveza, y un Ginebra y tonica - (beer and a gin and tonic)
-y un Ginebra y...
-Ginebra y...
-No, espere....(nope, not a bloody clue - wait here a minute foreign idiot)

another dumb waiter.....

-y Ginebra y tonica

his wife...


Finally the out of town ex pharmacist clearly used to dealing with deaf foreigners

-Ginebra y tonica POR FAVOR
-Ah GinTonic - why didn´t you say??

Next round I had a beer...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wow! And thank you!

5551162 hits so far on this website! Blimey!
A BIG New Year thanks to all who read regularly - I'm glad you enjoy reading my rambling from Spain - we're here nearly 6 years now and it feels like 6 months - but then again time does fly when you are enjoying yourself!

Lots has happened in that time - we made a business and lost it to La Crisis - we made friends for life and friends that came and went - but everything happens for a reason and all the right decisions have been made. Sometimes y'all gotta clear out the junk!

I discovered social networking and my world took off , with job offers and new virtual friends - some I hope to meet in the flesh in 2012.

So let's hope for a fantastic new year for EVERYONE.
Health first, then happiness, and a little wealth always goes a long way! 
Altogether now....¡Salud!

Goody hoo!

That's what it's called - or Gwdihw in Welsh - the muscle soother that arrived as part of my review package for the natural beauty products company My Pure in December.  Predicting aching muscles after the party shenanigans, and not knowing Stan was going to `do his back in' it actually came in very handy!

Bright blue lotion, in a recycled cardboard box and a handy pump dispenser, it was weird but in a good way! Witch Hazel Camphor and Menthol mingled to produce an easily absorbed lotion, which once on the skin feels cold and hot at the same time - guess I'm confusing you slightly, a bit like Deep Heat but nicer - and much, much better - results in one hour and one on the re order list. Only 10.95 for a decent 250ml too.
Gardeners, sporty types, achy types - buy it now!

The other item in the box was a glittery type of body oil - sparkly shoulders and legs for the festive season...not delighted with it, it took a good shake to mix it up and it was quite separated - I think it'll be better in the summer months with a light tan underneath -  I'll be happy to write another review for it then. On a plus note, it is a dry oil formula and soaks in well, without leaving marks on clothes - and it's brand new from the Acorelle range of products. Glittering Body oil retailing at 14.99.
Hope you all had a great New Year - we still have Reyes to come here in Spain so it'll be Christmas all over again - there's no end to it eh?
After all the festive fun, treat your skin and yourself to some of the revitalizing products from the lovely folk over at the My Pure website, follow them on Twitter and Facebook too!