Friday, March 23, 2012


...don´t we just love ´em?!
There´s always so much to do here, we´re currently on two`jobs´simultaneously, and one has to be finished by this weekend, which is also when we have some guests arriving for a week in Casa Duende - they arrive late on Monday to Murtas so this weekend will be crammed with work, and cleaning and finishing touches - and hopefully a visit from the local plumber to sort the boiler problems we have been having - cold bath anyone?!  Everything, will, of course, be absolutely perfect for them, we always provide the sort of holiday that we would like - no compromises - just perfection!
But the sun is shining, 

I have a mouldy pumpkin to disect...a neighbour brought it yesterday with the firm instruction he wanted the seeds back so instead of flinging it towards the bin and pretending it was muy rico instead I have to perform the autopsy.
civil war posters - original items printed on sheets of  food ration coupons, click on the shop link for more

Stan´s ebay shop has also been busy, with Spanish Civil War posters flying out by the dozen this week - they are original items -  so after the Post Office items to mail today we are off to work in Jorairatar, then back for the kids -   I think the only slow thing today will be the crock pot - pumpkin stew?!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March brings many weathers!

Happily typing in the garden last week under the Andalucian sun here in Murtas...aah - honest Guv, I was working!
Sunday we went to drop the neighbours down for the bus to the airport and a rumble around the rastro at Adra, the sun shone, we had pan au chocolate and croissants for breakfast sitting outside an Heladería before saying Luego to Pete and Carole and Gary - we ate ice cream and sat at the seafront watching the fishing boats, yachts and windsurfers...

and yesterday..out of snowed! Enough to stop the kids from going to school,we did try but it got too heavy...then in the afternoon we went grocery shopping to Berja and found ourselves in 20+º and more sunshine!!  It´s a crazy month, no?!

If you want to eat ice cream, and seethe sand and the snow with us - hurry up! You can book it all up for a bargain price by clicking here!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Getting the builders in...architecture in Spain

Getting the builders in...architecture in Spain
A post about the architecture and wonderful buildings from different periods in the History  of Spain. 
My old history teacher would be proud - see, I was listening!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

€1,000 for FREE?
Just click and win - it´s that easy to scoop a holiday in Spain worth €1,000 - for nothing! I did, will you?