Monday, April 16, 2012

Manic Monday...

...wishin´it was Sunday....had a couple of paid jobs to do today, and guests arriving tomorrow for a couple of days  - they found us through the free classified ads on Costa Women, a really useful website for any of you here in Spain...and Ali who runs the site is so friendly - I found them on Twitter. Although I´m more of a mountain woman - believe me yes I am -  that seems to be okay!

All the gas has run out at once - as it does - so we´ll need to go and do that in a minute, for some reason I decided to throw together a fruit cake and make some energy bars for Josh - he announced at 6am this morning he was out of items for his `low box´ - being diabetic means carrying his lifeline of sugar around. Piles of weekend washing still to do,and just found out that as well as needing to go to Cadiar tomorrow morning we´re also expected to be there at 5pm for a teacher parent meeting...........aarrgh.   Did you hear that?  I can hear a cold beer calling me...

A little sea and a sleeve? It must be Murcia!

A little sea and a sleeve? It must be Murcia!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just a minute....

Stan and Josh watching Liverpool FC on the laptop, bets on for the Grand National, Issey still in bed,  me inside the kitchen cupboards washing them out and discovering stuff we didn´t think we had - and stuff that would be better in a science lab.  A typical Saturday early afternoon in the our household.

Ring at the door:  Neighbour `A glass of wine with us, NOW.
                           Stan: But Liverpool....

It´s futile.... So I washed the bleach off my hands and pulled on some outside clothes,Stan huffed and puffed and we went for the one, maybe two at the most,  glasses.
Heh.  The party was in full swing, the Arroz on the bubble, wine poured,  full everyone-talking-at-one chat.
`Great you´re here, at last, sit down, EAT...

The celebration?  A terrible car crash 22 years ago,so a celebration on each anniversary that they came out the other side and are still here - what a great reason for a party!

The 2 of us ended up staying for more than 2 glasses, we ended the night in 2 venues watching 2 football matches and I think I had 2 heads this morning...but it´s Sunday - so the half cleaned kitchen will just have to wait...!

Friday, April 13, 2012

My Pure - ly heaven scents

Another month brings another package from the wonderful company My Pure.  Regular readers will know I´m the lucky recipient of a monthly package of Organic beauty produce to try and review - some girls have all the luck,eh?

This month MarĂ­a the postie here in Murtas, Las Alpujarras knocked on the door with her usual shout of `Caaaarrrol - Tengo paquetes para ti...´ which means an Olympic style sprint alongside her to the post office to pick up the weekly ebay items and the little brown box of delights..

Inside, this month were my chosen goodies -

Lovea Burkina Shea Butter Nourishing Shampoo was up first.  Retailing at under a fiver the generous squeezy tube contains Organic certified Shea Butter from Africa  - a lovely smooth shampoo, nourishing and creamy. Also worth noting is the fact that is anti inflammatory - ideal for anyone who suffers Psoriasis or Eczema, or even a little too much sun on the top of the head!  For me, bleached barnet equals irritated scalp, especially just after cooking my roots - so this is ideal - I shall be re ordering as this is a regular one for me from now on!  Buy it,try it - you´ll love it!

Then, the next product - I treated myself to something smelly - feeling the need for an uplifting spray which I could use during the day rather than my regular perfume which is a bit heavy...

I noticed the new range of Acorelle fragrance and went for a spritzy spray called Absolu Tiare - which has notes of Vanilla and is a definite mood up-lifter. It comes in a sleek glass tube, ideal for a handbag or pocket, and lasts surprisingly well. Natural notes are well balanced in a light composition - I love it! It´s just under Twenty pounds - really reasonable and looks stylish enough for a gift.
Remember that the website has lots more goodies, for  all the family,so take a tour and bear in mind it´s free UK delivery too!  All good from My Pure!

Friday, April 6, 2012

A walk for Good Friday

Around the track next to our house was a pleasant stroll in the sunshine this Good Friday morning - here´s the link to the photo album!  Plenty of wild flowers out after the drop of rain in the last couple of days..Happy Easter all - we´re just off to the neighbours...
Photos, just clink this link

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A peek inside...

A lovely week last week with our Scottish guests, Ailsa and Archie - who enjoyed our corner of Real Spain and promise to return soon...they loved the generosity of the locals and the socializing Sundays.

Living here means supporting local business, and while teabags might mean a trip to town, you can find almost anything you want right here in  Murtas, we have a butcher, a baker and even a candlestick maker!
Although, it´s not always straightforward!
A garage might actually be a bodega - in fact they all are! - and a trip to the butcher usually means whatever meat you want will always be available tomorrow, meanwhile you can pick up a bottle of bleach or a few potatoes, the organic local honey from her sister in law is to die for...the baker is good for ordering dog food, chicken feed and eggs, he does a line in potatoes too!
The pharmacy dispenses advice, flea collars and Frontline.

The grocery shop sells shoes, and whitewash is always available under the counter...
Local vegetables, wine and wild food comes free with a smile, delivered to the door.

The police station is for lost passports, and once a year in October for serving the whole village free beer and food from the fully stocked bar under the station!

Living here means discovering all of these delights, I never fail to be surprised by those who choose to go coastal for everything because it´s easier to not ask! Dumb in more ways than one!

In the nearest town last week, I was looking for somewhere for clothes alterations: I found it - located within the new telephone shop - just where I suspected it would be!